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Chubbie Cubbie's Weather Activities

Activity name:
The Three Plants

Supplies needed:
Three identical potted plants or flowers
Watering can with water

Label the first plant "Too Much", label the second plant "Too Little", label the third plant "Just Right".  Place the plants in an area that's easy for the children to observe them each day.

Carrying out the activity:
Plant Named "Too Little":  Do not water this plant at all.

Plant Named "Too Much":  Water this plant everyday.

Plant Named "Just Right":  Water only when the soil starts to look dry.

Observe the plants over a two week period.  What changes do they notice?  Talk about how the amount of water received effected each plant.

Activity name:
Weather Window

Supplies needed:
Poster board
Wax paper

Make a large window frame out of the poster board.  Tape a piece of wax paper to the back of the frame.  Decorate the frame with weather pictures if desired.

Carrying out the activity:
Have each child look through the window frame and see what the weather is.  Have the children tell you what they see.

You can also add the following song (similar to Freres Jacques):
Open the window, open the window,
Look around, look around,
Is it bright and sunny?  Is it cold and windy?
Shut the window, shut the window.
(You can have the children act out the song as they sing it.)

Activity name:
Air, Air Everywhere!

Supplies needed:
Paper cups with water
Water balloon


Carrying out the activity:
Where can we find air?  Have the children blow through their straws onto their hands. Next have them blow through their straws into the water.  Blow up the balloon and release it. Can they think of other places where air would be?

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