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Taming Your Toddler ~

Toddlers are approaching the age of self discovery.  They are learning new things everyday and sometimes it's not always what you want.  Examples:  Tantrums and the word "NO". 

Why do they throw tantrums?  Why are they so defiant?  Great questions!

On the road to self discovery one wishes to become more independent, make their own decisions, and learn what they can do by themselves.  There is a way to allow your toddler to do this without you losing your edge.

First, and most important, listen to them.  What do they want?  Acknowledge their wishes.  Make them feel that although it might not be appropriate you understand their need or want.

Second, offer choices.  Be sure they are choices you will be happy with the out come.  Most children when offered the choice of choosing something else on their own will do so simply because they know the choice that was made was theirs and not yours.

If they wish to play with a toy another child has and snatches it out of their hand, assure them that they can play with the toy when the other child is through, but that it is not their turn and then offer them two other choices whether they be alternate toys or alternate activities.

If it's almost time for a meal and the child insists upon having a cookie, let them know how much you enjoy cookies too, but you love them even more after you have eaten your meal.  Have the child choose which cookie they want, put it aside in a special place and let them know it is waiting for them to eat it, but only after they have finished their meal.

Feed a cold, but never feed a tantrum.  Always use the first rule of acknowledgement.  Let the child know you understand their want or need and then simply state to the child that you are walking away right now, but will be happy to listen to them when the are ready to talk to you.  After the child calms down and realizes that the tantrum is not working, they will either move on to another activity or talk to you.  If they do talk to you, be sure to reassure them that you understand how they feel and always offer those choices.

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