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Chubbie Cubbie's St. Patrick's Day Activities

Activity name:
Pot of Gold

Materials needed:
Paper bowl
Piece of 1"x12" piece of black construction paper
Gold coins (you can either use candy coins covered in gold foil or cut out yellow circles)
Black crayons, markers, or paint
Rainbow and/or shamrock stickers (optional)


Carrying out the activity:
Have children
color their paper bowls black.  If desired they can add some rainbow or shamrock stickers if they wish.

When they are done decorating their bowls have them staple on the strip of black construction paper to create a handle.  Then, add some gold coins to the completed pot.


Activity name:
Have a Heart Shamrocks

Materials needed:
Green and white construction paper
Glue or glue stick

Cut out equal sized heart shapes from the green construction paper. 

Carrying out the activity:
Have children glue their hearts onto a piece of white construction
paper so they form a shamrock shape.  They can draw on a stem with crayons or markers if they wish.

Green Eggs and Ham

Materials needed:
Cubed ham
Scrambled egg mixture
Green food color
Bowl, spoon, cooking pan, & spatula

Ham -
Place cubed ham in a bowl.  Add enough water to cover.  Add a several drops of green food coloring to the water and stir.  Place bowl in refrigerator and leave until ham has absorbed enough liquid to turn the ham your desired shade of green.  When done, drain, and cook in hot greased pan on stove at medium heat until heated through. 

Eggs - Add a drop or two of green food color to the scrambled egg mixture.  Cook eggs as usual.

Serve the green eggs and ham with other green foods such as peas, green beans, green  jell-o, salad, grapes, etc. if desired to create a whole green meal. 

Activity name:
Leprechaun Chains

Materials needed:
Green or white plastic drinking straws
Single hole punch

Green construction paper

Cut straws into 1" or 2" inch pieces.  Bigger pieces work better for smaller children.  Cut shamrock shapes about 2" to 3" wide from construction paper.  Punch a hole in the center of each shamrock.

Carrying out the activity:
Tie a large knot into one end of the string.  Have the children begin threading the straw pieces and paper shamrocks onto the string alternating as they go.  (If desired, a piece of clear tape may be added to the unknotted end of the string to make threading easier.)  When complete either tie another large knot in the other end to make a chain for decorating, or tie the two ends of the string together to create a necklace. 

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