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Chubbie Cubbie's Groundhog Day Activities

Activity name:
What Am I?

Materials needed:
Objects that are easily recognized in shadow form/
Bright lamp
Blank white wall or sheet

Position the lamp in front of the wall or sheet so that it shines upon it.

Carrying out the activity:
Have the children gaze at the blank wall or sheet.  Place an item in front of the bright lamp so that its shadow casts where they are looking.  Ask the children if they can identify the object by looking at it's shadow.

Activity name:
Shadow Match Activity Page

Materials needed:
Shadow Match Activity Page (View and Print Here - PDF Format)

Print game.

Carrying out the activity:
Have the children draw a line from the picture to its shadow.

Activity name:
Pop-up Groundhogs

Materials needed:
Brown construction paper
Plain paper cup
Large craft stick
Pen or marker

Cut out a little groundhog head about 2" or 3" (must be able to fit inside paper cup).  Cut a slit in the bottom of the paper cup large enough for the craft stick to slide in and out of easily.

Carrying out the activity:
Have the children draw a face on their groundhog head.  Next, have them glue it to the top of the craft stick (these may be painted brown if you like).  When the glue is dry, have the children insert the stick through the hole in the bottom of the cup so that the groundhog is inside the cup.  Show the children how they can move the stick up and down to make their groundhog pop in and out of his "hole".

Activity name:
Shadow Pictures

Materials needed:
Dark colored construction paper (must be the inexpensive kind that will fade)
Any rather flat objects that will fit easily on the paper
Sunny day (not windy)


Carrying out the activity:
Have each child select one or more objects that will fit on their piece of construction paper.  Take the children outside and have them lay their paper down on a flat surface that will receive several hours of full sun.  Have them arrange their object(s) on their piece of paper.  Leave out in the sun for several hours.  When the paper has had sufficient time to fade, have the children remove their objects and reveal their "shadow" pictures.

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