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  Hi!  My name is Julie.

Thank you for allowing me a few moments to introduce myself, tell you a little bit about how the site got started, and to share with you my greatest achievement, my daughter.


I am a happily married, mother of one.  I am also proud to be a WAHM.  I spend most of my time designing the curriculum kits I sell.  When I'm not working on my curriculum kits I enjoy spending time with my friends and family (my five cats included), doing crafts, working with computers (especially my websites), and collecting just about anything that has to do with bison.

I also love children and I have worked and volunteered with them through much of my life. I have worked in daycares as both a teacher and an administrator, and I have offered childcare in my home, and I have done volunteer work at libraries, churches, schools, and with the Girl Scouts of America.

The Chubbie Cubbie's Preschool website began as a site for my home business. After I earned my Childcare Administration Certificate and accepted an administrative position at a daycare outside of my home, I really wanted to keep up my site. I decided to create a little mascot (Chubbie Cubbie) and give him his own place on the web so that I could continue a site for others who love and care for children as much as I do.



My greatest achievement in life would have to be my daughter.  She has truly been an inspiration to me. She enjoys reading books, animals, swimming, children, anything that lets her use her creative imagination such as art and music, and she's the founder of the Cubbie Ornament Campaign. She's one of the most wonderful person I've ever been fortunate enough to be with, is someone who lights up every room she enters, and makes friends with everyone she meets. 

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