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Chubbie Cubbie's Fun with the 5 Senses Activities

Activity name:
Feely Box

Materials needed:
Small paper bags
Black felt pen
Three white poster boards
Red, yellow, and green paper.
Clear contact paper
Large paintbrush

Cut a opening on one side of the box. The opening should be large enough for a child to place their hand through, but small enough for them not to see through the opening when their hand is inside. Cover the opening by gluing the piece of scrap fabric to the inside of the box. Place the objects inside the box. Be sure these items are small enough to fit through the hole in the side of the box.

Carrying out the activity:
Have children take turns feeling an object inside the box. Have each child attempt to guess what the object is and then have them pull it out to see if they were correct. After all the objects have been removed, have each child place their item back into the box and take turns feeling and guessing again.

Activity name:
I Smelled a Skunk

Materials needed:
Plain white index cards (4 x 6)
Marker or cut out pictures

Draw or paste “scented” forest items (rose, blueberry, daisy, etc. plus one skunk) on the index cards. Shuffle the cards and lay them face down on the floor.

Carrying out the activity:
Have the children sit in a circle around the stack of story cards. Recite the following story. “I was walking in the woods one day. The air was crisp. As I strolled down the path I smelled a (turn first card). As my journey continued, I smelled a (turn next card).” Repeat story in this manner until the skunk card is revealed. Have the children say “pew” when the skunk card is turned.

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