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Chubbie Cubbie's Easter Activities

Activity name:
Handy Bunny Ears

Materials needed:
Piece of white or brown construction paper
Long strip of white or brown construction paper (or tape two smaller pieces together)
Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
Tape (optional but recommended*)

Have the children place their hands onto a piece of construction paper making sure their fingers and thumbs are close together.  Trace around their hands and then cut them out (or have the children do it if they are old enough).

Carrying out the activity:
Have the children decorate their long strip of paper and their cutout hands anyway they choose. 

When they are done staple the ears (cutout hands) near the middle of the strip.  Then, wrap the band around the child's head to mark where the two ends should meet.  Remove the paper strip from the child's head and staple the ends together.

*Recommended - Cover the staples with tape to protect little heads from injuries.

Activity name:
Hatching Chicks

Materials needed:
Egg carton
12 large yellow pompoms
24 small wiggle eyes
White glue
Orange construction paper

Cut out tiny triangles from the orange construction paper.

Carrying out the activity:
Glue a pompom into each hole in the carton.  Glue two wiggle eyes onto each pompom.  Glue on a little orange triangle for beaks.

If you'd like, you can also glue a small yellow feather to each side of the chicks.

Activity name:
Magic Egg

Materials needed:
Uncooked egg
White vinegar
Bowl or jar

Place the egg into a bowl or jar of vinegar.  Be sure the egg is completely covered with vinegar.

Carrying out the activity:
Allow egg to soak for several days (the longer you soak, the stranger the results). The egg will "cook" in the vinegar. When fully "cooked" the egg (shell and all) will become solid and rubbery and will bounce if you drop it (not too high). Eggs soaked for long periods of time may grow in size and the whites may become clear enough to see the yolk inside.

Activity name:
Stained Glass Window Eggs

Materials needed:
Construction paper - any spring colors
Glue stick
Clear contact paper
Tissue paper in a variety of spring colors

Tear or cut tissue paper into approximately 1" pieces.  Cut out two identical egg-shaped frames from construction paper. Place one onto a piece of clear contact paper.

Carrying out the activity:
Fill in the center of the frame with pieces of colored tissue paper. Lightly glue on second frame.  Cover the tissue papered side with a piece of clear contact paper (to keep tissue in place). Trim around outside edges of egg shape. Hang in window.

Activity name:
Glistening Eggs

Materials needed:
White construction paper
Light corn syrup
Food color
Paint brush
Newspaper or drop cloth
Clothes pins

Make an egg shape from white construction paper.  Hang a "clothes line" with string and place newspaper or drop cloth underneath.  (If "clothes line" is against a wall, be sure to protect the wall as well.)

Carrying out the activity:
Paint the egg with light corn syrup. Drop on tiny bits of food coloring onto the top of the egg shape. Hang from a clothes pin and allow to dry.  The colors will bleed and blend together to make a neat, glossy effect.

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