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Chubbie Cubbie's Bug & Insect Activities

Activity name:
Beautiful Butterflies

Materials needed:
Clear contact paper
Black construction paper
Construction paper (any bright color)
1" tissue squares (variety of colors)
Black pipe cleaner
2 wiggle eyes
Glue or glue stick

Cut two pieces of contact paper into a number 8 shape (wings).  Cut out a long oval from the black construction paper (body).  The size is determined by the size of the 8.  Cut two circles from any color paper the size of the two halves of the 8 shape.  Cut out the center of each circle leaving about a 1/2" to 1" border.  These will be the frames for the wings.

Carrying out the activity:
Peel off the backing to the contact paper.  Add the frames. 

Have the children fill in the middle of each wing with tissue paper squares.  When they are done, place the oval in the middle of the two circles that make up the 8 shape. 

Then, place the second contact paper 8 shape over the already decorated one.  Be sure the sticky side faces the side that has been decorated.  Cut a pipe cleaner in half and glue to the top of the oval shape.  Add two wiggle eyes.

Cut off any excess contact paper around the wing edges.

Activity name:
Bug Match

Materials needed:
White 4 x 6 plain file cards
Black felt pens

Cut file cards in half. Draw bugs on cards. There should be two of each. Place the cards upside down on the floor.

Carrying out the activity:
Have the children take turns flipping the cards over to find the matches.

Activity name:
Ladybug, Ladybug

Materials needed:
Red poster board
Felt pens

Draw a ladybug on the poster board and cut it out.

Carrying out the activity:
Have the children make two lines facing each other. Give one child the ladybug. Say “ladybug, ladybug, fly away home”. Have the child run to the other line and give another child the ladybug. The first child sits down. Say “ladybug, ladybug, fly away home” again. Repeat until all children are seated.

Activity name:
Six Buzzing Bumble Bees

Materials needed:
Felt board
Black, yellow, and white felt
Six sets of wiggle eyes

Cut out six bee shapes from the black felt. Cut out yellow stripes and glue onto the bee shapes. Glue on wiggly eyes. Once bees are dry, place on felt board.

Carrying out the activity:
Sing or chant the following having the children fill in the blanks. Remove one bee after each line.

Six buzzing bumble bees flying around the hive, one flies off and now there are _______. (five)
Five buzzing bumble bees flying near my door, one flies off and now there are _______. (four)
Four buzzing bumble bees flying around me, one flies off and now there are _______. (three)
Three buzzing bumble bees flying around you, one flies off and now there are _______. (two)
Two buzzing bumble bees flying in the sun, one flies off and now there is _______. (one)
One buzzing bumble bee looking for fun, it flies off and now there are _______. (none)

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