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Chubbie Cubbie's Apple Activities

Activity name:

Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed

Materials needed:
Red Frosting
Green leaf-shaped candies (if you can't find these you can flatten green gum drops and cut into leaf shapes)
Pretzel Sticks
Plastic Knives
Story about Johnny Appleseed


Carrying out the activity:
Read a story about Johnny Appleseed.  After you're done tell the children they are going to have a birthday party for him and make special "apple" cupcakes.

Give each child a cupcake, a plastic knife, and access to the red frosting.  Have them frost their cupcake.  When they are done have them add a pretzel stick stem and a candy leaf.  Sing Happy Birthday to Johnny and enjoy the cupcakes.

Activity name:
Apple Trees

Materials needed:
Small paper bags
Red, green, & yellow markers
Three white poster boards
Red, yellow, and green construction paper
Clear contact paper
Large paintbrush

Make apples out of the red, yellow, and green paper. Cover each apple with contact paper. Place small piece of velcro on the back of each apple. Draw one tree on each poster board. Label each tree as red, yellow, or green apple trees using the appropriate color marker. Place velcro dots on each tree. Have the children color their own apple-picking bag.

Carrying out the activities:
Activity 1 –
Put apples of various colors in each child’s bag. Have them take them out and place them on the correct tree.

Activity 2 –
Instruct each child to “pick” a certain sequence of apples such as two red, one yellow, and three green and place them into their apple sacks. Then have them count their apples to see how many they picked.

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