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Chubbie Cubbie's Angel Activities

Activity name:
Paper Plate Angel

Materials needed:
Large paper plate (one for each angel)
Crayons or markers
White glue
Pink, tan, or brown construction paper
Gold pipe cleaners (optional)


On the paper plate draw two lines so that you end up with a large triangle and two small arcs.  (See Fig. 1.)   The triangle is the angel's dress and the arcs are the wings. 

Glue (or staple) the wings to the back of the triangle so they look like wings.  (See Fig. 2).  Older kids can glue the pieces together themselves. 

Next, cut a circle out of the construction paper for the angel's head and glue to the top of the triangle.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Carrying out the activity:
When the angel is dry, assist the children with applying glue to the angel on the dress, wings, wherever they want and help them sprinkle it with glitter.  They can also draw faces on their angels and color with crayons if they want too, whatever makes there creative juices flow.  You can also add a gold pipe cleaner halo as well.

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